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Fluor Sonoescence

Duration: ca 8'12"
Instrumentation: Trombone, electronics and video projection
Composed: 2017
Production Details: The piece begins and ends with sound, with a series of translations along the way. Fluor Sonoescence started as a series of sustained tones that were visualized as smoke clouds by placing smoke into the horn. The smoke was then captured with a high frame-rate camera, a collaborative enterprise of Professor James Buchholz, a Fluid Dynamics Researcher and Jette during his time as a Grant Wood Fellow at The University of Iowa. Using the spectral centroid of the smoke mass, the video serves as the basis of pitch content for the trombone and electronics. The live trombone is juxtaposed with the source video material, combined with fixed electronics and processed during the performance. Fluor Sonoescence was commissioned by and written for Mark Broschinsky.

The work was premiered on 09/04/2017 at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick in Brooklyn NY as part of a solo concert by Mark Broschinsky.

The following video is a brief mock-up of the opening section.