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website last updated 08/08/2014

Jury Member for IEEE VISAP'14 Paris, France [11/9/2014]
Paper presentation @ ICMC 2014 Translation as Technique: Collaboratively Creating an Electro-Acoustic Compostion for Saxophone and Live Video Projection Athens, GR [9/19/2014]
v->t->d for saxaphone, electronics & video @ ICMC/SMC 2014 [9/17/2014]
Instalation "Beholden Brain" (emersive 8 channel sonification of EEG data) for In The Beholder show for non-sighted [7/2014]
Performance of "Tunnel Vision" (6 projectors & stereo audio on Alaska Railroad) for Pitch On A Train [8/1/2014]
Performance of Jazz Standards on Circuit Bent Radio @ Spenard Jazz Festival, Organic Oasis, Anchorage, AK [6/07/2014]
"A Solitude of Expanse" performance @ Rasmuson Foundation Artist Awards Ceremony, Anchorage, AK [5/13/2014]
"#chronicled" performance at 2014 Alaska Arts Conference, Anchorage, AK [5/03/2014]
Talk about and performance of "SoundLines" at 2014 Alaska Arts Conference, Anchorage, AK [5/01/2014]
Performance of "LasuDax" at Bone Flute to Auto-Tune Conference, UC Berkeley, CA [4/25/2014]
“Luminescent Trajectories” performance at Sweet Thunder Music Festival, San Francisco, CA [4/24/2014]
Performance of "LasuDax" for SEAMUS Conference at Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT [3/29/2014]
Commissioned artist at Connecticut College Arts and Technology Symposium. Created, paper and performance "#chronicled", New Haven, CT [2/23/2014 - 3/2/2014]
Analyzing intrinsic motion textures created from naturalistic video captures
paper at Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications, Lisbon, Portugal [1/8/2014]
Premiere of “Luminescent Trajectories” at Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, CA [12/4/2013]
Concert "Sound-Worlds" a presentation of two new works by Christopher Jette.” at Exploded View Gallery [11/15/2013]
Guest Lecture for ISTA 301 class - Computing in the Arts - U of AZ, Tucson, AZ [11/17/2013]
Guest Lecture for ART100 class - Pima Community College, Tucson AZ [11/14/2013]
Premiere of "v->t->d" at The Playground as part of the Confluence Center’s Show and Tell Series, Tucson, AZ [11/13/2013]
Composed soundtrack for movie "In Their Turn", shown @ Ebsworth Gallery, Kemper Museum of Art, St. Louis, MO [5/3/2013 - 7/29/2013]
"Ordered Table" for toy piano and electronics premiered by Keith Kirchoff @ Third Life Studio, Somerville, MA [4/27/2013]
"FeedbackTree" for trombone quartet premiered by Guidonian Hand part of Contagious Sounds Series @ Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY [3/26/2013]
Guest Teacher for ISTA401 - Multimedia Installation - U of AZ, Tucson, AZ [2/21/13]
Postdoctoral Research Associate appointment in the School of Information: Science, Technology and Arts (SISTA) University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ [2/2013]
Six months sailing : San Francisco to Sea of Cortez [6/2012 - 1/2013]
Dissertation "Musical form as an interaction of algorithmic and manual compositional strategies: An analysis of Curtis Roads's Never" published [7/2012]
Completed PhD at UCSB [6/15/2012]
Successfully defended dissertation "Musical form as an interaction of algorithmic and manual compositional strategies: An analysis of Curtis Roads's Never" [6/7/2012]
Joe Templeton - USSA a new album by LOPHER [5/2012]
IVO and Paper at "Aesthetics+Creative Pathways" Connecticut College, New Haven, CT [3/2012]
"SoundLines" performance at CCRMA, Stanford, CA [2/2012]
Apophenia an EP with Scott Cazan [11/2011]
"SoundLines" performance @ SooVac, Minneapolis, MN [6/2011]
Residency @ High Concepts Laboratory, Chicago, IL[6/2011]
IVO presented at ICMC 2011 Huddersfield, UK (piece + paper) [6/2011]
IVO release on CDbaby (free) and iTunes ($) [7/1/2011]
eContact! article "In Vitro Oink: A Composition for piano and wii-remote" [4/2011]
"ToLEtFony" performance @ Stanford, CA [4/21/2011]
"Fish Affected by Dreams" performance @ LLCH UCSB [5/27/2011]
PhD recital, Santa Barbara, CA [1/21/2011]
>< installation and poster @ ICMC 2010 Stony Brook, NY
"ToLEtFony" performance Community Music Center of San Francisco, CA [9/2010]
"susoñe" performed @ AIMI [10/21/2010]
"SoundLines" and "cmptr tap" performance @ Shotwell Studios San Francisco, CA [12/18/2010]
Sound Design and composition for "Metamorphosis Junior Year" @ Palo Alto Childrens Theater, Palo Alto, CA [3/2010]
electropolgy a digital album [7/17/2009]
"CliffordsDuffing" an installation @ CCRMA, Stanford, CA[6/2009]
Electronic Music Class @ Palo Alto Children's Theater, Palo Alto, CA [6/2009]


(photo of Christopher Jette by Alejandro Casazi, editing Christopher Jette)